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Planning stages for the album… track list is currently as below.

Please bear in mind that these are demos and there’s still work to do on them. I’ll add rough versions of the finished tracks or live versions where I can in the coming week :)

Track 1 - Spoons (still to record a version… possibly heart & soul as track one instead?)

Track 2 - Calliope (Still needs tweaking & final mastering, but it’s nearly there!)

Key: D

Chords: D, Bm, A, G

Middle section: Bm, A, G

Track 3 - Evangelis (basic rec. for structure only. Sorry about the timing in the middle)

Key: Am verse, C chorus? please correct me? :)

Chords: Am, E, G, E


C, E, Am, F x3

C, Em, Am, Em, F, C, G

Track 4 - Just No Waking You (still to record a version)

Key: C

chords: C, F, G, C

Chorus: F, G, C

Track 5 - 10 Feet Tall & bullet Proof (close to final version I think)

Key: E

Chords: E, A, B x 2 then E, A, B, C#m, B

Middle: C#m, B, E, B X3 last one hold on final B

Track 6 - Three Days (basic rec. for structure only at the mo)

played here in G, but changing now to D….

So chords will be:

Verse: D, G

Bridge: C, Em, F#(?), D x 3 then C, Em, D

Chorus: D, G

Middle: D, G, C, Em x4 then F#, G, D…. CURRENTLY PLAYED BY CQ ONLY

If in doubt, capo 7

All G’s & C’s with the rest finger picked… I’ll show you :)

Track 7 - Siren Song (still needs a lot of work, but this is correct structure wise)

Chords: Em, A, Em, C, D

Middle: Em, C, D

Track 8 - Mid Life Crisis (still need to record a version)

Key D#

Chords: TBA

Track 9 - life on the Wing (close to final version)



Chorus: Am, C, G, D

Track 10 - Seasonal Valentine (close to final version)

Key: C

Chords: C, G, C, F, C, G, C

Chorus: C, F, C, G, C, F, C, G, C

Middle: F, C, F, G, C, F, C, G, C

Not currently on the track listing: